Man entered bank with ‘fake bomb’: See what happened next

A man, who, in an attempt to loot HDFC bank’s Chandpur branch in Bijnor district, had entered the bank with a fake bomb strapped to a belt on his waist, was subdued by the bank’s staff and handed over to the police on Thursday.

Faced with financial challenges, the accused, identified as Rohtash, resorted to the desperate act as he had no clue of what else to do.

According to police officials, Rohtash entered the bank in the afternoon, threatening to blow it up to smithereens if he was not handed over Rs 5 lakhs. However, the bank manager, along with the other members of the staff, called his bluff and managed to subdue him.

Police officials in charge of the case have deemed the man to be ‘mentally unstable’.

Further investigations are underway. (ANI)


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