A chocolate park built by Willy Wonka; not just a dream but a reality!

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A chocolate park built by Willy Wonka; not just a dream but a reality!

This amusement park is sure to get every sweet toothed chocolate lover rolling in excitement. Buzzing with abundance of chocolates, there are also chocolate-themed roller coasters, custom-made bars, cocoa massages and more. This Milton Hershey’s 121-acre amusement park in the United States of America is undoubtedly, every chocolate lover’s dream come true.

If the only kind of diet which enthralls you is two bars of chocolates in your hand and a candy in your mouth; well, this place, is certainly your holiday calling.

Candy is everywhere in the park at food stands and gift shops, and boxes of Hershey’s Cocoa can be seen wandering the park posing for pictures with visitors. Milton Hershey, the creator brought his chocolate dream to reality. He turned a small dairy farming community in Pennsylvania into a chocolate town bearing his name and creating the ‘Sweetest Place on Earth’.

When the sugar buzz crashes, you can retreat to the Hotel Hershey, which was constructed during the Great Depression. The hotel’s spa extends the illusion and wraps it in chocolate, including cocoa baths, chocolate sugar scrubs and cocoa massages on offer.


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