It’s the season of celebrations; here are some facts about Easter!

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It's the season of celebrations; here are some facts about Easter!

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on the third day of crucifixion is Easter, which is one of the festivals that give us hope that we have victory over our sins.

Celebrated worldwide, this festival is “the season of new birth”. The celebration is the testimony of the Bible, witnessed on the third day after Jesus was crucified by the Romans and dies unceremoniously in the 30 A.D.

A Christian holiday festival is a forty-day long period of prayers, fasting, and sacrifices. Followed by a holy week which includes Thursday as the last day of Jesus supper, Good Friday as the Jesus’ death day and Easter Sunday. Witnessed on different dates every year, 2018 will have the Easter Sunday on 1st April 2018.

Easter bunny, famous in the Christian tradition depicts the enthusiastic procreators, is associated with renewal and birth. Though the traditional origin is known, it is believed some American arrived with German immigrants in 1700s with rabbits.

The custom of Easter eggs is a relatively new tradition, which is Irrespective of denomination but it is believed that an egg represents the fertility and new life by certain pagan tradition. Decorating Easter eggs have now become the major attraction for people and majorly children. The kids participate in the hunt of easter eggs.

With some historical roots attached, Easter dinner of Lamb is also one of the highlights of the festival. Lamb, which is often used to sacrifice the animals in the Jewish tradition, is served to the Passover during the festival. Lamb of God often associated with Jesus and his sacrificed death.
Easter has now become the commercial event or a festival which is popular worldwide followed by the market sale of greeting cards, candies, gifts, and goodies.

We wish you a prosperous Easter and a delicious Easter feast that you’re going to gorge upon with your family and friends.


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