Farhan Akhtar requests support to search for his missing friend

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A girl working with Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar’s, wife of Actor Farhan Akhtar salon, named Kirti Vyas, went missing on March 17. Actor and musician Farhan Akhtar shared a tweet and Instagram post on this case.

In fact, just a couple of hours back, Farhan and Adhuna also shared an update, posting an image of her last sighting captured on a CCTV camera. As per the post, she was last seen around 8.57 am at Mumbai Central Railway station on March 16, Friday.

As per reports, the 29-year old left for work from her house in Grant Road for Andheri (where her office is located). She boarded the 9.11 am local and is untraceable ever since. The post shared by Farhan Akhtar read that Kirti is a diabetes type-2 patient on medication, and may need medical assistance.

Farhan and Adhuna have asked the staff to share the post of her disappearance on their social media accounts.

We hope that her friends and family find her soon.


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