Rahul Gandhi finds time in midst of Congress Plenary to poke PM on GST with a Tweet

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The various sessions in Congress Party’s Plenary today has been on how the Modi government has allegedly botched up India’s economy. From Dr Manmohan Singh to P Chidambaram everyone has been discussing the state of the Indian economy this morning.

Amidst all these speeches and discussions, the party president, Rahul Gandhi used his newly-personalized Twitter handle to take a dig at Prime Minister Modi. Referring to the moniker given by him to GST, aka, Gabbar Singh Tax, the leader tagging an article quoting the Word bank and tweeted,

Rahul Gandhi was among the first among Opposition to go after GST or Goods and Services Tax was not helping but, causing more pains for taxpayers because of it’s implementation. He seems found the much-needed extra ammunition from the World Bank to be able to fire another salvo today.

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Let’s wait and see if any leader from the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) or the NDA alliance answers this cheeky note.

Many others though found the Tweet funny and added their own hilarious rejoinders. Here are some,

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