Gangs of Gurgaon

The incidents that took place in Gurgaon today brought back the reminders of the murder of a property dealer at a petrol pump in Gurgaon has brought back the focus on the dangerous gangs operating in the Millennium city, and their reckless ways.

According to reports, the dealer, Raj Kumar Sethi aka Raju was killed as a result of the war between the Sandeep Gadoli and Bindar Gujjar gangs respectively. Raju was a member of the Gadoli gang. A long running feud between the Gadoli and Gujjar gangs has often ended in fatalities.

On October 4, Gujjar’s driver Ashok Kumar was shot dead allegedly by Gadoli gang. A revenge attack took place in the span of hours. Gadoli’s aide Manish Khurana was fired at outside his home.

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An insight into the gang’s ways points towards a dark nexus. According to media reports, Gurgaon police found ‘six diaries’ from the hideouts of “gangster” Sandeep Gadoli. The diaries are said to contain names of a number of officials and industrialists, and the money allegedly paid to them as bribes and ‘protection money’ by Gadoli. The diaries also reportedly have records of money given to police officers of joint commissioner, ACP and senior inspector ranks.

The prime motive of these gangs is to acquire control over illegal business of property deals, extortion, and gambling rackets. Some estimates say that the business of gangs is worth hundreds of crores. While the lynchpins play for monetary control, the street fighters, who do the dirty work, fight for territorial supremacy along with monetary power.

The unfortunate part is how these gangs are luring hordes of out-of-work, misguided teenagers to doing their dirty work, in exchange for money. An early initiation into crime, say senior police officers, often leads to a conditioning that is hard to change later on. Many don’t live long enough, as they are killed are rival gangs. Few lose lives in police encounters. The ones who survive are never able to escape the vicious circle of crime and running from the law.

Reports indicate that from 90s, six gangs have been operating in the area on and off.

Observers say that a churning is going on within the gangs as the Gadoli and Gujjar gangs battle for supremacy. Signs of it were first seen in July, 2015 when a gangster was targeted on MG Road in broad daylight.

The recent murder and retaliatory attacks are also attributed to that war. Police officers officially deny any such war. However, it is expected that the churning in the gangs of Gurgaon will lead to more violence, which demands a close tab on the law and order situation of the city.


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