Some social media trends can get on your nerves; here’s one of them!

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Some social media trends can get on your nerves; here's one of them!

Some social media trends seem to be exciting while some might are meant to get annoy the viewers. A recent trend on Twitter will make you understand the meaning of annoyance.

Have a look at this GIF:

People on the Internet are in equal measure hooked and annoyed by it. While some have said that it is the world’s most annoying GIF and how they are infinitely stuck with it, others, clueless have asked aloud, “What’s actually happening in this, the world’s most annoying gif?” There are also some who have spent close to half an hour staring at the GIF. “My unresolving gif anxiety is going through the roof,” wrote one while another wrote, “Mate I fell for that one yesterday, you won’t catch me out today! ”

Here are some opinions of the Twitterati after viewing this GIF-


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