Volkswagen ditches steering wheel, pedals in it’s upcoming concept car

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Volkswagen ditches steering wheel, pedals in it's upcoming concept car

In nothing less than a jaw-dropping innovation, German carmaker major, Volkswagen, is all set to unveil its new electric concept car called I.D. Vizzion which would not have a steering wheel or pedals.

Yes, you read it right. The car will have a driving range of 665 km with a top speed of 180 kmph.

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The I.D. Vizzion will also feature a virtual assistant which allows riders to control the car via voice and gestures. Pretty much like the Bond car or even more than that.

Here’s what Johann Jungwirth, VW’s chief digital officer, said when I spoke to him about the Aurora announcement:

The primary focus right now of this partnership is the Sedric family of urban pods, urban shuttles, and so on, and other vehicles specifically designed and purpose-built for mobility as a service. [That’s] not to be mixed up with the rest of the 360 models of vehicles our brands have in their portfolio, now and with next generations.


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