Here’s why one can’t get enough of their favourite songs

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Here's why one can't get enough of their favourite songs

Remember those days and nights where you just wish to plug in those earphones and ignore the rest of the world, there is now a study as to why you can’t get enough of your most favourite songs and love to listen to them on loop.

Listeners often engage and develop a “deep connection” with some of their favourite songs, said the study published in the journal Psychology of Music. We all do have an extremely very deep connection with the songs that we listen to and often relate them to our lives.

The study involved more than 200 participants who completed an online questionnaire about their experience listening to their favourite song, including how it made them feel and the frequency with which they played the song.

The participants reported listening to their favourite song hundreds of times. The mean among the sample was more than 300 times and this number was even larger for listeners who had a deep connection to the song something that was particularly likely if they had mixed emotions, such as “bittersweet,” while listening. Certain features of the song were particularly important reasons why respondents listened many times, said Jason Corey, Associate Professor of Music at the University of Michigan in the US and a co-author of the study.

The most important features were the song’s “melody,” “beat/rhythm” and “lyrics”, the study found. For songs that made listeners happy, beat/rhythm was especially important for relistening. Finally, the more times people listened to their favourite song, the more the listeners could hear it internally, the researchers said.

So, let’s all feel delighted to listen to our personal favourites and let them make our day.


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