Watch a delightful new video which captures the birth of a baby octopus

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Watch a delightful new video which captures the birth of a baby octopus
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An eye-catching video about an octopus hatching from an egg, has been enthralling viewers worldwide, over the last few days. It shows the miracle of life taking shape and is a beautiful watch about these water world species.
It has captivated the attention of thousands of people on Facebook and at the last count, had already hit over 2.5 million views. It was posted by Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center a few days back.

“Our octopus laid eggs and we had several hatch!” says the post shared along with the video. “While we are cautiously optimistic, it is common for octopuses to lay over one hundred eggs in its clutch to ensure at least one makes it to adulthood. Thankfully, these little critters are going to receive the best possible chance from our incredible animal care team.”

Just 10 seconds long, the video shows a baby octopus hatching from its egg and swimming away. At first glance, it seems like a strange flower which is opening up, but, it is actually a cluster of octopus eggs. Seconds into the video you can spot the little baby octopus breaking out of the egg and immediately changing colour before swimming off.

“Octopuses have chromatophores that change color allowing them to camouflage themselves. It appears that the sudden stimulation of hatching caused them to fire off,” Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center explained in a comment.

The video makes for a wonderful watch. Along with the millions of views, the video has also received over 12,000 reactions and more than 63,300 shares.

“They’re so tiny and cute and I love how it changed colors right after hatching so cool!” says one Facebook user on the video. “This is so cool! Thought this was a flower!” says another.


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