Gurgaon School tells parents to cough up money before releasing roll nos for exams

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Are private schools misleading students and their parents?
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New Delhi: According to reports, Delhi Public School,Sec 45, Gurugram, Haryana is calling parents of outgoing 12th Class asking to deposit arrears of pay commission report @ Rs.12,000 per student, as some parents alleged this in a post on social media.

These were not deposited by many in view of courts ruling a few years back that such charges should not be imposed upon. Surprisingly, the School kept quiet the last few years. Not a word of insistence even when it was mentioned as a printed line item in fee books. Now asking only 12th Class Students verbally – without any Notice, Letter etc.

Because it has never been mentioned by the school previously and it being a word of mouth, it is being considered as taking an advantage of children as well as parents because at this crucial time they have no choice but to give in to the demands of the school as they have the hold of the Admit Cards that are extremely essential for anyone applying for their board examinations.

The word moving around is that Admit Card will be held up until this amount is deposited.

The parents have a right to challenge the school and they have on the platform of Social Media and it is extremely necessary to face the school at this very step so that they do not continue with such malpractices that harm their reputation as well as puts children and their parents to worry.

Such crimes must be stopped and reported as soon as possible so that they are not being continued. Even though so far the school has not issued a reaction include the same as in the story.


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