Do you know video games can turn out to be a stress buster

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A recent study reveals that Video games are a stress buster

Playing video games has become a key strategy for coping with stress, revealed a study.

A new study of millennial gamers has revealed that videogamers believe that playing video games help them to unwind and relieve stress.

A team of researchers quizzed 1,000 gamers, aged between 18 and 30, and found 55 percent agreeing to the same.

Forty seven percent of the participants were found to think performing well in a game has a positive impact on their lives, allowing them to look upon other aspects of their lives more positively.

Also, 50 percent said that they see gaming as a method to escape reality that helps them to deal with daily work pressures.

Luke Hales, GM of the Dave TV Channel, who surveyed the gamers for the millennial study said – “This survey is incredibly revealing in showing the positive mental benefits of getting together for a gaming session”.

The findings showed that gaming has emerged as a social pursuit where three out of every five gamers surveyed play, specifically to join friends or an established ‘clan’.

It also came to light that on an average a gamer made three new friends in real life, through gaming. Out of all the participants, 60 percent agree that gaming is a key component of their social life.

The study further explored other potential benefits of gaming.

About one-third of videogamers admitted that playing videogames gives them sense of achievement.

Around 42 percent said they feel the happiest when they perform well in a videogame. Another 27 percent believed that video games helped them to deal with mental concerns and health issues.

It was also revealed that ‘Action & Adventure’ games were considered the best in gaming culture for their help in relieving stress.



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