PM Modi ranks amongst top 3 world leaders in Gallup’s global opinion survey

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received a massive global endorsement ahead of his debut appearance as PM at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in reputed international consulting firm Galluphas ranked him 3rd in its highly-regarded annual survey, Opinion of Global Leaders.

The ranking puts India’s PM ahead of the likes of China’s Xi Jinping, the UK’s Theresa May, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. The only two heads of state to have ranked higher than PM Modi are German Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s new President Emmanuel Macron.
The whole list:
Courtesy: Republic

The survey methodology detailed by Gallup International states that 53,769 persons were interviewed across dozens of countries. The respondents answer as to whether they have a favourable opinion of a particular leader or an unfavourable opinion. In the survey, PM Modi attained a 30% ‘favourable’ rating versus a 22% ‘unfavourable’. The net score (Favourable vs Unfavourable) is, therefore, +8.

The highest placed person on the list isn’t a political leader, but a religious leader. Pope Francis has a +38 rating.


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