Cyber bullying leads to teenage girl’s death, parents launch a campaign

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Cyber bullying leads to teenage girls’s death, parents launch a campaign

A 14-year-old girl from Australia, who was once the face of iconic Australian hat maker Akubra, committed suicide after being ‘overwhelmed’ by cyber bullies.

Amy Everett’s grief-stricken parents posted an emotional tribute to their ‘Dolly’ by inviting the insensitive social media trolls to her funeral to see the ‘devastation they caused.’ The family from Katherine in the Northern Territory of the country have vowed not to let her life go waste.

Amy Everett, aged 14, also known as Dolly, took her own life after becoming overwhelmed by the vile taunts of online bullies. Her father Tick Everett broke the family’s silence just four days after Dolly’s January 3rd death, thanking loved ones for support and condemning bullying.

‘This week has been an example of how social media should be used, it has also been an example of how it shouldn’t be,’ he said. ‘There are so many kind words that I have not yet replied to, so instead of wearing out another screen or keyboard I would like to offer my thanks in one big message.’

But the brunt of his message was for those who had lead his young girl to take her own life.

‘I know for some suicide is considered cowardly but I guarantee those people wouldn’t have half the strength that my precious little angel had, Doll had the strength to do what she thought she had to do to escape the evil in this world.’ Tick invited the young girl’s bullies to her funeral on Friday so that they could see the ‘devastation’ caused by her death.

Her parents want to raise awareness about bullying after the young girl ‘took her own life’ to escape cruel taunts.

‘Firstly, if by some chance the people who thought this was a joke and made themselves feel superior by the constant bullying and harassment see this post, please come to our service and witness the complete devastation you have created.’

The family have come up with a catch phrase to help victims of harassment come forward.

‘Speak now even if your voice shakes. Let’s stop the bullies no matter where, but especially in our kids, as the old saying goes. You will never know what have until it’s gone.’

Akubra Hats also took forward the issue through their Facebook Page, calling for an end to bullying. ‘Bullying of any type is unacceptable. It is up to us to stand up when we see any kind of bullying behaviour. Dolly could be anyone’s daughter, sister, friend.’


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