Fitbit pumps $6 mn into San Francisco-based glucose-monitoring startup

New York: Fitness wearable device major Fitbit announced its investment in a San Fransisco-based startup, Sano, to the tune of $6 million.

In a bid to monitor overall health and wellness, the company has invested in the glucose-monitoring startup, as confirmed.

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Founded in 2011, Sano is a biometric sensor that tells users important things about their health by revealing personalised information about the metabolism of glucose, thus doubling as a continuous glucose monitor that users could consider a skin patch.

Sano is also working on a minimally invasive method of monitoring glucose, which means testing blood sugar without physically drawing blood or monitoring the interstitial fluid just below the skin.

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Meanwhile, the report says that Fitbit, in September last year, was exploring an opportunity to partner with Dexcom, Inc. to bring a continuous glucose-monitoring display to its Ionic smartwatch.

Further, the company has also revealed plans to develop on a solution for tracking sleep apnea in the past.

With these in place, Fitbit aims to make its fitness devices more valuable for overall health.

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