Bengaluru molestation repeated on the New Year’s eve

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Bengaluru molestation repeated on the New Year's eve

Reports of a women seen crying exactly a year later at the very same spot did the rounds today morning, sparking speculation that the city had seen another incident of molestation on New Year’s Eve.

The incident took place at Brigade Road, one of the city’s most popular spots, where large numbers of people generally gather on December 31.

A woman, who was with her husband, was allegedly molested by a group of miscreants. What’s more, it took place with the police nearby and in strength because of what had happened a year back. The victim’s husband said that the police did not take any action at the time despite his repeated complaints.

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What is the youth questioning, post the Mumbai Fire Attack!

Sources within the city’s police department also said that they had examined CCTV footage from Brigade Road and MG Road and had not found anything incriminating.

Bengaluru Police was on high alert last night as the city prepared to bid 2017 adieu. As many as 15,000 policemen and women were out on the streets as the cops looked to avoid a repeat of last year where a large number of women were molested and harassed round the city’s upscale MG Road and Brigade Road on New Year’s Eve last year.

Police officials had promised they would take strict action against any revelers “creating nuisance” in pubs, bars and restaurants, and on the streets. Cops also installed extra CCTV cameras in MG Road, Brigade Road and Church Street, and used drones to keep a watch over the New Year’s celebration in Bengaluru.


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