The Matargashti aka Friends cafe in Kolkata made us nostalgic

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The Matargashti aka Friends cafe in Kolkata made us nostalgic

Friends was more than a show for our generation. The lives of the six trying to make it in the big city of New York touched all of us at some level or the other. We could relate to every single episode or character to our own lives.

Even the song, I’ll be there for you, is something that we connect to at every level.

A friends cafe at Deshapriya Park in Kolkata was opened up a while back and a recent visit to it made us nostalgic. e. It isn’t exactly like Central Perk, but much more – imagine a Friends universe!

19-year-old Mahima Bachhawat along with her brother Aditya and cousins opened the cafe in May to feed her Friends obsession and we are so glad she went ahead with it. This is the first cafe of its kind in India. In fact, there are only three cafes like this in Asia – with the other two being in Beijing and Pakistan.

The menu has Friends written all over it with food named after some dishes made popular by the iconic sitcom. Remember the cheesecake from Mama’s Little Bakery that Chandler and Rachel fought over? Or Ross’s Moist Maker Sandwich? It’s there, and if you order one it even comes with the note – ‘Knock-knock. Who’s there? Ross Geller’s lunch. Ross Geller’s lunch, who? Ross Geller’s lunch, please don’t take me. Okay?’

Needless to say, lovers of the sitcom have been flocking the cafe, loving every bit of their experience while they are there. So if you are in Kolkata or planning to go there sometime soon, make sure you visit this amazing cafe.




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