India Enters Wassenaar Arrangement, Becomes its 42nd Member

In a major diplomatic win, India on Friday enlisted in the Wassenaar Arrangement, the multilateral export control regime. India was admitted to the elite group of countries as its 42nd member.Hostile China who has been opposing India’s entry into the NSG is yet to get the membership of Wassenaar Arrangement.

Wassenaar Arrangement is considered one of the important global Export Control regimes alongside NSG, MTCR and The Australia Group that controls the export of conventional and dual-use goods and technology. India’s entry into the Wassenaar regime will give a major boost its bid to get the membership into Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG).

According to the guidelines issued by WA, “the organization is designed to regulate the export of sensitive technologies that could possibly lead to “destabilizing accumulations.”

India’s entry was finalised in two-day plenary meeting of the member countries in Vienna,Austria.

According the a statement released by the group, “Wassenaar Arrangement participating states reviewed the progress of a number of current membership applications and agreed at the plenary meeting to admit India which will become the Arrangement’s 42nd participating state as soon as the necessary procedural arrangements for joining the WA are completed.”

Wassenaar Arangement is the successor of Cold era Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls.

According to the experts now India will succeed to get advanced level technology in Avionics, radar, electronics, telecommunication and Information technology.

However, experts claim that the developed countries have their vested interests in granting membership to India and other less developed countries. “Computer scientists and policy analysts have also expressed concern about developed economies using less developed countries as Guinea Pigs for their cyber security research by supplying them with intrusive technologies that could be used for mass surveillance,” reports The Hindu.


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