Keep your kids away from TV and gadgets; try an Activity box

Treat your kid to an activity box this winter

The challenge of keeping kids engaged, away from mischief and above all, away from TV and digital devices is faced by most parents today.

The market now offers a wide variety of affordable Activity boxes that can engage a child in fun learning activities that help improve focus and creativity while enhancing multiple other skills.

We bring here a list of some of the most popular options available for you to choose from.


Each Flintobox comes loaded with play-based activities that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way. The boxes are crafted by Montessori experts and child psychologists.

Price – Rs 1199 per box. Better deals are available for multi month subscriptions and in season sales.
Age group – 2-12 yrs

Magic Crate
Magic Crate boxes contain material for 2 science activities, 1 art activity and a game. The crates are setup to be do-it-yourself activities.

Price – Rs 2199 for 3 months to Rs 7199 for a year’s subscription
Age Group – 5 age groups for from 5 – 12 years. Curated toy boxes available for toddlers.

Treat your kid to an Activity Box this winter


These boxes comprise numerous activities that help develop various motor, cognitive and social skills of the child. Every box comes packed with some exciting projects, games, DIY activities and a story book. These activities have been designed to develop creativity as well as enhance sensitivity towards the environment.

Price – single box for 999 ; drops to 599 per box for a multi month subscription
Age groups : suitable for 4 age groups from 2 to 8+ years
They also send 400 worksheets free if you share your details on their website.

Pod Squad

Voted “Best Subscription Box” by parents at the KidsStopPress (KSP) Awards 2016, these boxes have been designed keeping in mind Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
PodSquad has been designed by the educational team at Quadrum Solutions, that has over a decade of experience in designing educational books for some of the world’s largest publishers.

Price – Rs 449 to 1500 per box
Age group : 4+ years

All of these boxes can be ordered online. Some other options available in the market are Genius Box, Lighthouse and Candycaneclub.

There are two products that have a more differentiated offering. These are :


Enchantico is India’s first kids’ book subscription box. It focuses not only activities but also on inculcating the habit of reading. Each box contains 2 books plus activities and collectibles. The books are handpicked by experts from latest releases of top Indian and International publishers.
Subscribers also get access to a digital platform created for children’s literature and get to participate in several events created for subscribers.
Age Group – 4 age groups from 5-12 years
Subscription Module – Rs 3600 for 3 months

Butterfly Edufields

These activity boxes focus specifically on STEM fields ( Science, Technology, Maths). Activity boxes and Science DIY project kits are available for for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Price : Rs 450 – 2250 per box
Age group : 5-13 yr olds

You now have a large, perhaps confusing number of options to choose from. If these fun boxes have indeed caught your interest, make a start with one and try out the products from more than one provider. Your child will soon demonstrate which ones he/she likes best. So go on, now you know what to gift a child in your family for Christmas. Season sales are on!


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