Zomato’s new billboard leads to twitter rant; Co-Founder apologises

Billboards by Zomato have been placed across the nation which has created a buzz across the internet but for all the wrong reasons, while Zomato thought their billboards are funny enough, twitterati thought that it isn’t funny and after this outcome, Zomato CoFounder apologised and took it to twitter “Hey, while we didn’t mean to, we can see why it can be offensive to people, and we apologize for it. We will take this ad down with immediate effect.”

Left socialite and entrepreneur Suhel Seth disappointed as he termed it “outrageous.” Seth was referring to the advertisement with the abbreviations ‘MC, BC’ — both of which are popular abbreviations for Hindi cuss words. Zomato, on the other hand, termed the expansions as “mac n’ cheese” and “butter chicken”.

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Suhel Seth tweeted the picture with the caption,“Shame on you @ZomatoIN! Absolutely shameful what you’ve attempted to do. Your investors should be sickened by your behaviour! @smritiirani: this is outrageous. @ascionline.” Seth even tagged Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and Textiles, Smriti Irani, in his tweet. It was while responding to Seth’s tweet that Pankaj Chadha issued an apology.


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