Unusual locations for this winter break

It is often said that to travel is ‘to live’. Taking out time from one’s usual and hectic life for travel can be rewarding and surely traveling teaches you a lot.
Not only do we get to see new places but we get to learn about people, places and different cultures. India itself being the epicenter of multiple cultures and less traveled places, people here are full of hospitality and love. Each city or village has a story to tell, a place we must see and a cuisine we must taste.
Travel can be your best friend!


The best time to travel to West Kameng is winter- from October to April. The picture above is of Sela Lake that is located on a high altitude mountain. The events and festivals of this district are its highlight. Bird lovers can also visit the nearby Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from the local dilects, the local people there speak Hindi and English.


If you’re someone who loves orchids, pines and tea gardens, this is the place for you. One of West Bengal’s prime attractions, Darjeeling lies in the foothills of Himalaya. Tea lovers must try Darjeeling Black Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea and Darjeeling White tea. Gangtok is at a four hour drive from here, which you can easily add to your vacation, for a more diverse experience.


While most of the people consider it stupid to travel to Ladakh in winter, it is not. The temperature does fall down to -10 degree C or more but in the homes, it’s warmer. Your home stay experience just gets better. Due to the freezing cold, people prefer moving out less which exposes you to the real Ladakhi customs and beliefs. People are free and they spend more time with you. You can see their monasteries and festivals. Flights are also cheap.


Chopta is a part of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. With a splendid view of the gigantic Himalayas, Chopta lies in the meadows of the evergreen forest. It is a beautiful hill station, especially for trek lovers. The best place to visit is the Deori Tal Lake. It has reflections of the Himalayas that look magical. Shepherds bring their sheep and goats to the thick pastures of Chopta. To most of them this has been their primary source of livelihood.


Morni Hills or Morni lies on the outskirts of Panchkula. It takes about an hour and a half’s drive to reach there from Chandigarh. This place can be the perfect hideout for residents of Delhi, Karnal and Chandigarh. There are no fancy restaurants or shopping malls. It is a quiet and serene place with hardly two or three tourist spots. Most importantly, for those who don’t like snow or freezing cold temperatures, this is the perfect place. In the day, it gets sunny but nights are slightly cold. The people- extremely affectionate are ones you’d like to stay back with.


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