The free oxygen chamber at Huda city centre metro station provides us a breath of relief

With the oxygen levels increasing at an unprecedented rate, its time to take some strict as well as beneficial actions.

For the same purpose, it’s time Delhi’s own Oxygen Chamber get’s a little limelight thrown on it. Basically, launched during Diwali time because the oxygen level was expected to drop down to a worrying level, the Oxygen Chamber at HUDA City Centre Metro Station works as a life saver for all of us.

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The entire area is spread over 13,000 sq. feet, this Oxygen Chamber has mechanical air purifiers as well as plants that are known to decrease the pollution level in the air. The best bit is that entry for this is free! Yes people – it’s free of cost entirely.

This place at HUDA City Centre Metro Station is one where you can head on over to whenever you need a little fresh air to breathe in. This is a project initiated by the DMRC in collaboration with Nurturing Green, and the aim behind it is to help the people of Delhi NCR to escape the choking pollution and to get some actual oxygen into their systems.

So head on over to the O2 Facility at HUDA City Centre in Gurgaon and breathe in some much-needed fresh air amid Delhi’s suffocating smog!

Time for making more such areas so that all of us can provide our lungs with some much needed oxygen.



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