Apple sacked an employee over a confidential iPhone X video taken by his daughter

The video is reported to have compromised company’s confidential information that was there in the device such as special employee-only QR codes, code names of upcoming products. Apple has allegedly sacked one of its employees after the employees’ daughter uploaded a video clip, which went viral on YouTube, of an unreleased iPhone X.

The video was uploaded by Brooke Amelia Peterson showcasing her trip to Apple’s campus where her father works. In the video, Brooke has been seen using the anniversary edition iPhone X to demonstrate hands-on experience, which includes close-up shots and user interface navigation.
Brooke removed the video from YouTube after the company made a request to pull it down. While the video revealed just the hands-on of the iPhone X, it is reported that the device was an unreleased product with confidential data such as special employee-only QR codes, codenames of upcoming products etc., which may have been compromised.
Recently, Brooke has uploaded another video where she has stated that her father, an RF engineer at Apple, has been dismissed by the Cupertino giant. She also accepted that her act of recording video inside Apple campus was a violation of company policy, which she had not thought of while recording it, and her father took full responsibility for her actions.


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