USISPF announces Richard Verma as new board member

New Delhi: The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) has announced the addition of Richard Verma, former U.S. Ambassador to India and current Vice Chairman of The Asia Group, to its Board.

Ambassador Verma, the 25th U.S. Ambassador to India, brings a wealth of experience to his position on the Board. During his tenure as Ambassador, he championed increased U.S.-India relations and made impactful strides in defence, trade, and clean energy.

He oversaw an unprecedented nine meetings between President Obama and Prime Minister Modi – leading to over 100 new initiatives and more than 40 government-to-government dialogues. In addition, he was the first U.S. Ambassador to India to visit all Indian states during his time in the role.

Verma’s confirmation hearing in December 2014 garnered bi-partisan enthusiasm, and he was swiftly appointed after his nomination by President Obama. His experience working on Capitol Hill and position as the first Indian-American nominated for the role fostered nearly universal support during the nomination process.

He currently serves as Vice Chairman of The Asia Group, where he leads the firm’s growth in South Asia. In addition to this role, Ambassador Verma is a Centennial Fellow at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and he co-chairs the Center for American Progress’ U.S.-India Task Force.

“Richard Verma is one of the most profoundly influential individuals for U.S.-India relations, and we could not be more honored and excited to welcome him to the USISPF Board, a powerful group that will undoubtedly make serious strides in partnership and trade growth between the United States and India,” said president of USISPF, Dr. Mukesh Aghi.

Prior to serving as Ambassador to India, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs at the Department of State, and he served for many years as the Senior Advisor to the Senate Majority Leader. He was also a National Security Fellow at the Center for American Progress and a member of the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Commission, where he was a co-author of their landmark report, “World at Risk.”

“While serving as Ambassador to India, I saw first-hand the exciting work that U.S. companies are doing across India and in cooperation with domestic partners. The USISPF provides a critical platform to advance commercial ties, and I am delighted to join the Board of this new leading organization,” added Verma.

As champions of the U.S.-India commercial and strategic partnership, we believe there is an unprecedented opportunity for business communities in both countries to play a larger role in the next chapter of this important bilateral partnership.

The USISPF Board continues to attract high-calibre members who serve as both prominent business leaders and global influencers with an ability to impact international relations and corporate affairs worldwide.

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