Kids! We’ve got a list of the best book publishers for you!

For all the little bookworms out there, we bring to you the best publishers that you’ll definitely cherish even when you grow up.

Amar chitra katha

We all remember the times when all we had was amar chitra katha and it was a beautiful time, indeed. Best known for mythology and Indian folktales, amar chitra katha also publishes biographies (from Gandhi to Jim Corbett), fables, classical literature and stories from Indian history.

Karadi tales

Karadi has been innovative from the beginning, and even pioneered Indian audio books. There is now a series featuring well-known narrators, called will you read with me

Digital is a new avenue, and apart from the beautifully-produced picture books, Karadi also has iPad apps and video books to play on the computer. So kids it’s time to rejoice.


Taking inspiration from the Eklavya legend in the Mahabharata, this NGO works to develop and test progressive educational strategies. The publishing programme supports this work, and Eklavya has some charming, inexpensive books, including Bumboo: The Donkey Who Would Not Budge, which recently won best story at the inaugural Hindu Young World-Good Books award.

Pratham books

All credit to not-for-profit publisher Pratham Books for its vision to get ‘a book in every child’s hand’. To that end, it has produced titles which retail for as little as INR 4 and harnessed the power of social media to find ‘reading champions’ who are willing to hold book readings in far-flung locations countrywide.

The latest innovation is StoryWeaver, an online platform of multilingual stories and illustrations, which allow anyone to access, translate and redistribute the material.

So, go to your bookstore and buy the books from these publishers, all you little bookworms.


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