Customer finds cockroach legs in McDonald’s coffee; later apologises

It took him a while to realise that the floating brown flecks in his McDonald’s coffee are actually cockroach legs. His discovery went up as a Facebook post on McDonald’s Thailand’s page on October 17.

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A man from Bangkok, who uses the name Nostalgic Eik on Facebook, posted the photo of his McDonald’s coffee which showed curled up cockroach legs floating on top of his beverage. The user said that he sent the cup of coffee back thinking it was a dirty cup, but then he got served another batch of cockroach legs in the replacement.

Meanwhile, taking a note of the complaint, McDonald’s Thailand posted a statement on Facebook apologising for the statement while also ensuring that its employees would follow the global fast food chain’s safety standards. The fast food chain also said that it’s brought in the coffee machine for inspection, and has sent in a team to the outlet to get its equipment and facilities cleaned.


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