CBI to probe Bofors scam after fresh revelations

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday asserted that they will probe the facts and circumstances revealed in connection to Bofors scam, including the information provided by Michael Hershman to NewsMobile’s partner Republic TV in an interview.

Michael Hershman, who first found Bofors papers, was a secret investigator the Indian government had deployed.


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Speaking to the media, CBI Chief Spokesperson A. Dayal said, “CBI has learnt of matter pertaining to Bofors, aired on a TV channel containing Michael Hershman’s interview. Facts and circumstances as mentioned in an interview (of Michael Hershman) will be looked into as per due process by CBI”.

This statement comes a day after Michael Hershman gave an interview to a leading TV channel on the same.

(ANI/Republic TV)


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