MS Dhoni, Daughter Ziva Attack ‘Besan Ka Laddoo’

MS Dhoni’s adorable daughter Ziva is here yet again to make the world a ‘cuter’ place.

We were wondering that whether she is on a mission to dust a bit of her cuteness over the internet in a weekly manner as it was only last Sunday when she won hearts across the internet with Virat Kohli. The Indian skipper tweeted a video where Virat and Ziva were seen indulging in a much adorable conversation.

This time, Ziva did not indulge in a conversation but she was rather spotted in an attack mode with her father. But what was she attacking? Besan ka laddoo. MS Dhoni shared a video on his Instagram handle. In the video, the father-daughter duo is seen eating a laddoo.

Watch the video:

And we haven’t witnessed the sight of someone eating laddoo get any cuter than this.


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