Watch how this chinese tour guide misguided his tourists

A video of a glass walkway in China cracking under a man’s weight is going viral on the social media. In the video, the man, who appears to be a tour guide, stumbles over and falls to his knees and it appears more as he falls onto the glass.

The incident happened at Taihang Mountain in Hebei, China. The glass path hangs 1,180 metres (3,871 feet) above sea level, with a direct view of the drop down.

But apparently, it’s not real, the East Taihang district administration on thier official channel, WeChat channel,issued an apology  to explain that the splintering glass was merely an “effect” it worked into a portion of its bridge, in order to be “provocative.”

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It said that the walkway designers had placed shattered fragments of glass in one of the layers, stretching across several panels at the end of the bridge. When you walk over those panels, the glass appears to shatter under your feet, and you can even hear the sound of glass breaking as you walk.

So the glass isn’t really breaking, it just looks and sounds like it. Apparently.

And while the people in charge are “very sorry that people got frightened,” they don’t intend to replace those shattered panels with regular ones, because they hope people will want to come and experience them, the letter says at the end.

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As for the tour guide in the video, they said he knew what was going on. If you look closely at the end, he looks like he breaks out in a bit of a smile before the video cuts off. So maybe he’s in on the joke, after all?

Check out the video:




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