We bring to you the days when your favourite markets in Dilli are closed!

Of course, shopping is our biggest stress buster especially during busy schedules. So, it’s better to know when your favourite shopping localities are closed so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

  • Connaught Place & Janpath

Closed on: Sunday

Whenever we think of buying earrings our heads instantly turn towards Janpath and its vast collection of our favourites. It is also home to the Tibetan market. While some restaurants are open on a Sunday during evenings, but it is better to give it a miss and travel to CP some other day of the week.

  • Galleria

Closed on: Tuesday

Our sweet little market, Galleria, stayed when all the malls kept swaying away. It is located in DLF Phase 4. We suggest you to not visit this market on a Tuesday as most of it would be closed, so choose any other day during the week.

  • Rajouri Garden

Closed on: Wednesday

The West Delhi hub for all the shopping remains closed on Wednesday. All the shops and restaurants mostly remain closed, except for a few street shops. The shutters will make your shopping dreams shattered so better visit this hub on any other day of the week.

  • Sarojini Nagar

Closed on: Monday

Our favourite market place on any day of the year remains closed on Monday. Except there are a few stalls that sell stolen and second hand clothes for 20 bucks or less but we can expect something better from our own favourite. So, visit this market on Tuesday when a lot of fresh collection comes.

  • Chandni Chowk

Closed on: Sunday

Except for the book expert, Nai Sadak, every shop in Chandni Chowk remains shut on Sunday. So it’s better to do all the shaadi and festive shopping on any other day of the week.

  • Kamla Nagar

Closed on: Monday

Our favourite when it comes to shopping on tiny student budgets, Kamla Nagar is the place where new restaurants constantly pop up, but mostly all them remain shut on Monday so all students go somewhere else to have a chill time after those Monday Blues.

  • Khan Market

Closed on: Sunday

While the good news is that all the restaurants now remain open on Sunday, all the tiny shops remain closed. But let’s say that more big chill for us now!

So, head to these markets on a day when they are open and bust your stress by the most beneficial way, i.e. shopping!




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