Thinking out of the box

Thinking outside of the box keeps you from suffocating inside of one’ – Matshona Dhliwayo

For instance, Sanjay Mehta, an employee at Craft Silicon thought outside the box during a team building activity. His Boss set up a challenge for everyone in the office. The challenge was that a 2000 note was placed 2 metres away from a line and all employees were to stand behind the line. They had to try and get the note without stepping foot on the other side of the line.
Sanjay went first, dragged a revolving chair, sat on it and pushed the note towards him and did not step on the other side of the line. He took up a new challenge by thinking outside the box.

The world is vast and at times, it becomes essential to think out of the box. To leave yourself limitless and to achieve heights you never imagined existed.

Now, there are some ways in which thinking out of the box may increase your creativity.

Some quick tips –

  • Understand a new industry

It is always helpful to have a wider knowledge, sometimes even beyond your professional expertise. Go to a library pick up a book on any subject that fascinates you and read through it. Reading introduces you to a world that you never knew existed.

  • Take a class

Take a class on any topic. It might be music, dance, language or photography, anything that is like a magnet in your life. An area of expertise you wished to pursue but never took any steps towards it. Learning has no stop, it continues till your last breath.

  • Draw or paint

Art is a genre. Allow yourself to draw or paint, how much ever you might think that your drawing isn’t up to the mark. Draw anything that you like and you don’t have to show it to the world. Do it for yourself first.

  • Listen to the way children talk about their lives

The way kids solve problems is unique and fascinating. We usually focus on providing children with solutions but when in reality they have a simple way of solving every problem; they usually don’t over think or create a fuss about every issue like us adults. Listen to kids and life would actually seem like a fairytale.

  • Relax

In today’s day even relaxation seems like thinking out of the box. We get so caught up by the tantrums that life throws at us that we forget to sit back and relax. Do something you like, play or binge watch. At the end of the day, your mind requires relaxation.

So, its time to think out of box!


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