Sightseeing in Delhi just got more interesting

Now sightseeing in Delhi is going to reach an all new high with the introduction of these super convenient and unique buses.

It’s time to bid a goodbye to our city tour guide, HOHO buses. They are being replaced with the super exciting open roof electrical buses.

Some of the benefits that our new city tour guide has are –

  1. The service will be available all throughout the year but the trips that every busy takes are likely to be increased during the peak season from September to April.
  2. The buses will travel on the same routes as that of the Delhi government’s air-conditioned Hop On, Hop Off (HOHO) buses.
  3. According to the city’s tourism department, these new buses will have a taller deck allowing them to have an open-air sitting area on top that would be a heaven during spring season and covered air-conditioned seats below for when the heat strikes.
  4. Also, the GPS-enabled buses will have WiFi and a seating capacity of at least 30 passengers.
  5. The buses will be operated as per the usual schedule with an interval of 40 minutes in between.

These open roof buses are likely to hit the road next year.

So, it’s time to plan a day out with your squad!


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