Mauritius unveils biggest Durga statue in the world

Mauritius unveils the largest statue of the Hindu goddess Durga (108 feet, 33 meters high) in the world will be held on September 30 and October 1 in Grand Bassin. Anil Bachoo, who is the pesident of Mangal Mahadev Shakti Swaroopa Association (MMSSA) announced yesterday.


“The largest statue in the world of Durga is now in Mauritius. Under construction since 2011, this jewel of Indian art and architecture will be unveiled to the general public that day. The statue of Durga Maa was erected a few meters from that of Mangal Mahadev, a height of 108 feet, holy figure of Hinduism. It is a symbol and a necessity of Hinduism, “said Anil Bachoo.


.Megduth Chumroo, the association’s secretary, said that the “Durga Puja” was carefully prepared after several weeks of consultations with the Indian gurus who studied the stars and sacred texts of Hinduism. “This ceremony will be an unprecedented event in Mauritius”.


Durga Maa is believed to be an infallible warrior. It includes the lion, symbol of strength and courage. This project required six years of work, conforming to the architectural rules of India, and carried out by Indian and Mauritian workers specialized in the field. It required about 2,000 m3 of concrete and 400 tons of iron.


“No public funds have been injected into this secular project; it was entirely financed by donations, mainly in kind by devotees of Durga Maa, “said Anil Bachoo. The latter took the opportunity to invite all Mauritians, of all religious denominations, to this great ceremony. “It is not every day that we have the chance to witness the unveiling of the largest statue of a divinity in the world,” Sinna Bheechock said proudly.


According to the organizers, this is the largest statue of Hindu Goddess. The previous record was held by Deshpriya Park Durgotsav in Kolkatta, India (80 feet high).


Coordinator Bheechock says he has already written to the Guinness Book of Records and LIMCA World of Records for the inscription of this sanctuary. “The statue of Mangal Mahadev, which was unveiled at Grand-Bassin in 2015, is a must-see on the map of Mauritius and Durga Maa is expected to accompany it soon to magnify the beauty and celebrate the cultural diversity of the island, concluded Sinna Bheechock.


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