Pyramids discovered in Antarctica – A stunning mystery

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Pyramids discovered in Antarctica – A stunning mystery

Recently, Google Earth satellite imagery discovered a constellation of three snow-covered pyramids in Antarctica. This has startled scientists and researchers the world over and yet again given rise to the questions around the pyramids in Antarctica.

Two of the three pyramids are about 10 miles inland, while the third is directly near the coastline.

The implications can be humongous. The entire historical journey of Antarctica could be re-written. A civilization in Antarctica has never been mentioned in any research let alone one that knew how to build pyramids. So how did these pyramids get there? Or are they even man made pyramids or mountains which look like them. A question that is leaving everyone baffled.

Some researchers say that Antarctica wasn’t always the cold land that it is now. Over millions of years ago, Antarctica had drifted from a position closer to the equator to its present perma-frozen location. The British Antarctic Survey backs this up with Dr. Vanessa Bowman saying “Go back 100 million years ago, and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.”

NASA correlates too. In an expedition to Antarctica’s Lake Vida, they discovered unexpected microbial lifeforms trapped under a 65-foot-thick sheet of ice. They resemble descendants of microorganisms from much warmer climates.

The other theory is that these are pyramidal peaked mountains, also called a horn and are a feature of glaciated areas; they form from the convergence of glaciers that scour the sides of an existing landmass. They could be the work of hundreds of millions of years of erosion which causes entire rock sections to break off  and result in these shapes.

Egyptian pyramids are still a point of fascination for generations of modern humans. They’ve stood the test of time. And now, these so called pyramids which could date even beyond the Egyptian ones. A fascinating discovery which needs exploration. A research which could change the face of history the way we have seen it till now.

We can only wait and watch.


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