Young doctor’s mysterious death rocks Himachal, family allege foul play, local MLA says she was raped

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Young doctor's mysterious death rocks Himachal, family allege foul play, local MLA says she was raped

Hamirpur: After a shocking rape case yet another mysterious death of a 30-year old women doctor in Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) District Hospital has rocked the hill state of Himachal Pradesh.

Jyoti Thakur, 30, a doctor with the local government hospital was found hanging to the ceiling fan of her rented flat on the night of September 5th in Himachal Pradesh’s Bilaspur, the family alleges foul play and have demanded justice from the Governor and Chief Minister.

Jyoti’s brother Ashish Thakur told NewsMobile that they have a suspicion on Police and hospital authorities, and accused them of covering up the case.

“From the first instance itself, police were under suspicion, when they told my father that this is the first time they were opening the door to her room after their arrival. Which wasn’t true since they had already inspected the room even before the parents could reach the spot,” Ashish Thakur told NewsMobile.

While some family members had raised suspicion that an influential politician may have been involved.

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In what has deepened the mystery the Local Congress MLA Bumber Thakur said she may have been raped. He told NewsmMobile that it was a murder not suicide; Thakur claimed that Jyoti was involved with another man who used to visit her often.

“One man used to visit that girl (Jyoti) at her residence and that person visited her 2-hours before the body was recovered,” MLA Bumber Thakur told NewsMobile.

According to MLA Bumber Thakur, the man who allegedly visited Jyoti was the one of the senior Doctor in the same hospital where she was employed. Thakur further said that the hospital authorities were involved in tampering the evidence and claimed that the victim was raped before being murdered.

On being asked about How he is acting as a local MLA, Bumber Thakur said that he had talked to senior Police officials and the Chief Minister seeking a close investigation into the matter.

Jyoti was a young Physiotherapist in District Hospital in Bilaspur who studied from SVNIRTAR Odisha. The authorities need to act swiftly and justice to be served soon so that incidents like this is not repeated in future.

Jyoti’s brother Ashish Thakur raised following point of suspicion:

  • Since my sister was found hanging with the ceiling fan, point of suspicion was that with her height of about 5 feet it is impossible for her to hang herself with the ceiling height of 9.5 feet even with the help of a chair.
  • The first picture of hanging which came out we could see her legs bent and just few inches above the floor in a way that if she flex her legs she could easily reach the floor and could literally stand up. “A big suspicion point”.
  • In cases of suicide, it is clinically proven that because of extreme pressure on jaw tongue of the victim comes out and eventually turns blue in colour. In this case tongue never came out instead her teeth were very strongly closed that even during the cremation we couldn’t open it for a ritual.
  • In 30-40% cases of suicide eye balls also protrude out, again in my sister’s case that didn’t happen.
  • Again in cases of suicide, the victim tends to urinate or defecate because of excessive pressure on the body which didn’t happen in this case.
  • Postmortem was conducted at around 8:30 pm at night which again is under suspicion since postmortem shouldn’t be conducted after 5 pm in normal circumstances.
  • Postmortem was done in the same hospital where she was employed. Why? Since all the hospital staff was under suspicion already, in this case, police should have conducted this elsewhere to make sure the procedure and result of postmortem in not compromised.
  • It has been almost a week and we still do not have forensic as well as postmortem reports. Why?

The family of Jyoti marched to DC and SP office in Bilaspur seeking justice.

The family of Jyoti marched to DC and SP at Bilaspur seeking justice.

SP Bilaspur, Anjum Ara told NewsMobile that the case has been registered under section 306 (IPC) and the investigation is on.

“We have registered the case under 306 and we are investigating the matter closely,” Anjum Ara said. Currently, we are analysing the call details of Jyoti and we will come out with something very soon

“Currently, we are analysing the call details of Jyoti and we will come out with something very soon,” Ara added.

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