546 seats in Lok Sabha? Rahul Gandhi’s latest misunderstanding

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Rahul Gandhi in an address to students at the University of California, Berkeley made a statement saying there are 546 seats in Lok Sabha.

When one is bidding to be the prime minister or to be in “power” or to even being the head of Congress party, the first thing that one would try to know is how many seats are in the lower house where you have to win the majority seats.
Rahul Gandhi in past has been ridiculed for his speeches and statements he made. Be it the interviews or his public speeches where inappropriate use of phrases was often picked upon by the media. Especially the social media which Harbors a lot of Rahul Gandhi memes.

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Lok Sabha has 543 seats to contest for in public election and two nominated seats for Anglo Indians, making it 545 seats.
He just went wrong by one seat, what big deal some might say, but for a person who set to be the leader of Congress party and is harbouring aspirations to be in power one day, this statement is a gross misconduct of himself and yes with the troll army online this will be kept alive for a while.
More than that when you are representing your nation’s political culture at a prestigious university in another nation it is important to be careful in what you say.
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