Six best activities to keep you relaxed on your flight journey

Six best activities to relax on your flight journey

Travelling for leisure or work, the duration spent on travelling takes out a considerable chunk of your time. While in flight, there is the very little scope of activities to keep your long hours occupied, however, there are few things that could be your only options to get past that flight time in a less boring manner.

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Binge watch your favourite series

Gone are the day of TV, mobile phones have become the major partner of people in their solo time. You can load several series on your mobile phones and watch it on the flight to make full utilization of the time and stay ahead on the series debate with your friends, but please carry your headphone along.

Take a walk and stretch your legs

It’s a good idea to take a walk and stretch your legs during your lengthy flight trips. This will help you relax your muscles. But excessive walking is not a good idea keeping in mind the cramped up aisle which can cause inconvenience to your co-passengers.

Make a friend on flight 

It’s not necessary that your tabs and cell phones should be your only companion on solo travelling. It is always a great idea to have a friendly discussion with people sitting next to you. You never know, small talks could get you a permanent friend which has happened most of the times with frequent travellers.

Bring out your photography bug

Flying at the height of 6-9000 metres above sea level gives an exorbitant range of breathtaking views of the landscapes down below. Apart from some of the restricted places, it’s a good idea to capture beautiful pictures which may become your laptop’s wallpaper.

Have plenty of reading materials

The classic way of passing time is reading books and magazines on a flight. If you are a bit of an introvert. It’s a hassle free way to get past your journey without bulky electronic devices and entangled wires.

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Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

If nothing works, it’s the best possible way to get past your journey in a jiffy. Especially for super busy people on business tours, sleeping in flight could be very refreshing.

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