Chery all set to make global debut with compact SUV at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Chery all set to make global debut with compact SUV at Frankfurt Motor Show

Chery might be a popular automotive brand in China and not the company is planning to go beyond the great wall. The company is binding hopes of change when this year’s Frankfurt auto show gets underway.

The company has picked this year’s Frankfurt auto show to launch its first global model. And, in line with recent trends, it’s a premium compact SUV. Although the company isn’t prepared to go into great detail before its official unveiling, the renderings it has provided show that it has a very European aesthetic.

“The world premiere of our new compact SUV marks the start of our approach to European sales with a new model line,” said Ray Bierzynski, Executive Vice President of Chery R&D Center Shanghai. “Launching within a few years, all models in the line-up will feature characteristic styling, user-focused technology, electrified powertrains and advanced safety features.”

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Although the Frankfurt debut will be the first time many have encountered the Chery brand, the company has been planning for global expansion for almost a decade. For example, it was the first Chinese car maker to start adhering to European quality and safety standards. And among its many joint ventures and partnerships it can count Jaguar Land Rover. Together the firms make a versions of the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport for the Chinese market.

It is by no means the only Chinese car company looking to branch out into mature vehicle markets. However, unlike Volvo’s parent company Geely, who is doing so via acquisition and by creating completely new vehicle brands such as Link & Co, Chery is attempting to do so under one all-encompassing global brand.

But even if its new SUV can tick all of the right boxes it is about to enter what is currently the world’s most competitive market sector. So it will have to offer something — whether in terms of features or price point — that the likes of Nissan, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota and VW don’t.

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