Record breaking rains leave Bengaluru waterlogged

Overnight rains in Bengaluru have resulted in severe waterlogging in many areas, especially in southern and eastern parts, as the city witnessed record breaking rains.

Many citizens living in the low-lying areas including the posh Koramangala, woke up today finding their houses flooded and their streets waterlogged. Many cars were also repeated to have been partially submerged. At least 17 different locations in the city recorded waterlogging.

Residents had to use pump sets to remove the water from their houses, while the water level has risen considerably on the roads partially sinking parked vehicles and houses.

Reportedly, according to the Meteorological Department, the HAL station recorded 14.4 cm and the City station 12.9 cm of rainfall in the last 24 hours. The heavy rains were caused due to a cyclonic trough formation over the Bay of Bengal.


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