Reebok takes a dig at Trump in latest ad

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Reebok’s ads are known for their encouraging messages to adopt fitness. However, sometimes, even sporting giants can’t help but get on the newest social media trend to market themselves.

On Friday, the sports apparel company took to Twitter to take a dig at President Trump for the so-called compliment he gave French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife during their meeting in France. Trump was recorded saying, “You know, you’re in such great shape … beautiful.”

As expected social media exploded and Reebok joined in on Twitter with a post detailing the appropriate places where Trump’s “compliment” could be used.

Suffice to say there is no appropriate place for the “compliment” unless it is in reference to a favourite toy you find stowed away in your parent’s storage.


While some Twitter users appreciated…

…others were not amused, citing the company’s often sexist ads.


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