Son’s fight against top Bangalore hospital for his mother’s alleged murder, continues

Son's fight against top Bangalore hospital for his mother's alleged murder continues
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A few days back, a boy named Abhinav Verma in Bangalore narrated an incident about his late mother and his observations about Bannerghatta Fortis Hospital, he claimed in an FB post that the doctors charged 43 Lakh for the Hospital bill and 12 Lakh for the cost of medicines and kept his mother in ICU for 50 days after which his mother died. He also claimed that his mother was doing fine before he brought her to the hospital on 13th May. At the end, he wrote that he is fighting for her justice. Out of anger and grieve, he compared the doctors and the hospital to ‘kidnappers’ and ‘murderers’.

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Abhinav Verma has decided to continue his fight by seeking support from the people by signing the petition on under #Justice4Maa which will be delivered to Prime Minister of India, Health Minister of India, Medical Council of India, Chief Minister of Karnataka and Health Minister of Karnataka.

Abhinav demands that Irregularities need to be investigated properly and documents should be given immediately.

Various accusations have been mentioned by Abhinav which points toward his claims. 130 people have signed the petition till now and here is the full petition.



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