This is the world’s smallest phone and it can be yours for just Rs 3,490

In the smartphone world, size does matter and overall phone sizes have steadily increased with each new iteration of a popular smartphone. However, the Elari NanoPhone C is doing the complete opposite. The NanoPhone C is the smallest feature phone available in the market and has been launched in India through online ecommerce portal

In a statement released by the ecommerce platform, the NanoPhone C has been termed the “anti-smart mobile phone.” The phone is just 3.71 inches long, 1.4 inches wide and 0.2 inches thick, which are the smallest dimensions to grace a mobile phone.

Even though the phone is tiny in comparison to other feature phones, it comes with all the requisite features to qualify as a feature phone. There is a TFT coloured display, a microSD and microSIM slot, support for 32GB of storage and the usual inclusions of a music player, FM radio and alarm. The phone offers 4 days of standby battery life and just 4 hours of talktime, which isn’t as noteworthy as what the new Nokia 3310 can accomplish.

The phone is available from the ecommerce platform’s site for just Rs 3,490 and would be perfect if you wanted a phone that could be worn like a necklace.


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