Celebs who prove, age is just a number

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‘Age is just a number.’ A famous escape phrase to get away with for those who are obviously and unavoidably ageing with time. With age comes different challenges and various changes. Be it looks, body physique, face cut or any other people’s looks change drastically.

Human nature and extreme media exposure often forces us to follow some or the other celebrity and any gossip about them. Taking into account this human trait, here are some celebrities who actually proved that ‘Age is just a number’, in turn setting serious goals for the millions who follow them religiously. Here are some seemingly ageless celebs,

Jennifer Aniston

Every man’s dream woman has to lead the list as her looks simply evolved with age. Though she is 48, she certainly doesn’t look it.

Tom Cruise

The Mission Impossible star was and is still giving a tough fight to many youngsters even at the age of 55. We’d say, “Mind= Blown!”

Brad Pitt

Even in his 50s this guy is incredible – breaking hearts all over the globe!

Keanu Reeves

The man who had slowed down time in reel life, seems to have done the same with ageing in real life! At 52 he looks anything but his age.


The Bollywood superstar of the 80s also makes it to the list. She is in her 50s, but you can’t tell if you don’t know. She is still charming and youthful as ever.

Aamir Khan

The list will be incomplete without Mr Perfectionist. The fitness level of the 52-year-old Aamir challenges any guys in their 20s. He is not a superstar for nothing!

Milind Soman

The ‘Ironman’ from India is over 50 but, he is still going great guns broking all stereotypes of age in his wake and no one is complaining!

Anil Kapoor

Look closely at the picture on the right. How old must he be? 35? 40? 45? Well, hold your breath because, he is 60 years old. Now that is called ‘Jhaakaas’!

If that didn’t set you rushing for the jar of anti-ageing cream and a gym membership, you can’t be human!


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