Spice trail: Discovering India one plate at a time


Travel and food always go hand in hand. If you are a traveler, you cannot resist food at different destinations and if you are a foodie, you cannot resist traveling to explore food.

Taking into account ‘foodie travelers’, NewsMobile brings some must go destinations to explore the myriad tastes of India, because, only in India can your tongue be on a roller coaster ride:


Kashmir is a non-vegetarian food lover’s paradise. Try the Goshtaba (meatballs in a creamy gravy), Yakhni (lamb in a yoghurt based gravy) or the famous Roganjosh to get those juices flowing. Vegetarians, don’t be disappointed. Kashmir has something for you as well. The Dum Olav (a potato specialty similar to dum aloo) and Kashmiri kahwa and the salted noon cha, tea are there to wash it all down with.



If you are a carefree eater and don’t worry about ‘calorie count,’ then Amritsar is the place for you. The city is the power centre of flavours with rich food items on its menu. However, one just doesn’t leave the city without eating at a langar or eating at Bharawan da Dhabha.



For vegans, this is your heaven. Dhokla, Khakhra, Khandwi, Thepla and ghughra are Gujarat’s mantra of inner peace and contentment. Just dig in as soon as you land.

gujarat- dhokla


The city of joy is famous for its wide range of delicacies. From its inexpensive street food to sweets to fine dining, you name it and you’ll get it all in Kolkata. Tibetan food at Tiretta Bazaar, Chinese at Tangra which is Kolkata’s China Town or the street food in Dalhousie – Kolkata delights every food lover every time! Moghlai Paratha (mince-filled parathas fried in an egg batter), another favorite, is a must-try when you’re here!

Must try: Dum Aloo Phuchka at Vivekananda Park and Mutton Kabiraji Cutlet at Mitra Cafe, Golpark for the experience of a lifetime.

kolkata- sweet


If you are addicted to Tibetan and Chinese food, then Assam should be your next destination. Good and inexpensive fish are widely available and food never ceases to delight! If there’s one journey worth taking for food, this is it!

assam- dumplings


Adding to the awesomeness of Mysore, Dosa and Idli will make it worth travelling to the city. Each dish is better than the last (that’s why dessert comes in last). Don’t leave the city without tasting the eponymous Mysore pak. Satisfaction guaranteed!

mysore- dosa

So start packing and take your tongue for a ride.


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