Seven ways to make girls go crazy about you

Ways, to, make, girl, crazy

There are no sure short formulas when it comes to making girls go crazy about you, but few tweaks in your attitude and it could work well enough to change your tag from ”Mr Nice Guy” to ”Mr Irresistable Guy”. Try out for these few tips to get out of that cursed friend-zone and make even beautiful women weak on their knees for you.

Spend time with her, make her believe that she is important to you and then BAM! vanish into thin air. The curiosity will surely make her chase for you.

No matter how do you live your life, in reality, try to make the girl feel that your life is all about fun and it is filled with excitement. Women are interested in people with ”out of the ordinary” lifestyle than a simple one.


Act mysterious, don’t be an open book to her. Every now and then reveal few things partially. This would surely leave the girls wanting for more dates to know you better.

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Presenting yourself is one of the most important things to watch out for. Even a chilled out person should spend at least a little time in grooming and dressing to leave a lasting impression.


Don’t act idealistic, gone are the days of well-planned dating, be spontaneous and do something out of the usual for example, go for a bike trips instead of a hyped out cafe to make her feel different than the other couples.


Touching is an art, which is very hard to be mastered. If the girl is comfortable around you, touch her while walking and helping her to sit or while getting into the car. Being super touchy is a strict no. Subtle and gentle touches will make a mark.


Don’t be a nerd and talk with humour, humour is one of the greatest things to spread joy. Never talk in a textbook language, there are very few women around who likes geek. Making a girl giggle will always be a plus point to get into her mind.


Lastly but not the least, getting into bed with a girl has to be a charming experience with proper care of hygiene, to make her experience one of the most memorable ones. Sexual encounters are hard to forget and you should make it count.

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