Antarctica: The trending holiday destination

The days of the same old London, Paris, New York vacations are over. In the 21st century vacationers are looking for newer, more adventurous locations. They’re looking for the untouched, ‘never been to before’ places. And guess what’s on top of that list? Antarctica, the coldest place on this planet. Now, you must be wondering what do you exactly do on a vacation on a frozen piece of land? You’ll be surprised to know that there’s more to do on this hidden gem than anywhere else. Here’s a break down of the ins and outs of a perfect Antarctica vacation.



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Getting there. Getting there is fairly easy— you’ll have to take one of the cruises that sails across the Drake passage. They usually depart from Ushuaia, the southern most tip of Argentina. For more information, visit the site mentioned below. 



When to go. To see the penguins and seabirds, the best time would be November, December, January. It’s also the best time to go with respect to the weather and there is 20-24 hours of daylight.



Penguins, the star of Antarctica. Get up close and personal with the penguins of Antarctica. It’s the highlight of the trip, and will definitely leave you speechless to see hundreds and thousands of the adorable animals scattered about on the beautiful ice. You can get up to arms length with the penguins and in the months of December and January, you can even see the chicks hatch.



Swim in Antarctica!  That’s right, you can swim in Antarctica. A place called ‘Deception bay’ which is a caldera of a volcano and the reason you can swim is that the water is warmer than usual because of this volcano. Additionally, it also has the worlds largest chin strap penguin colony.


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Kayaking, scuba diving and camping. The cruises will take you on several expeditions for kayaking, scuba diving, and camping. The stunning icy terrain will mesmerise you, and the serene waters will refresh you. In one word, it will be extraordinary.

And so, this were just some of the amazing experiences you can have in Antarctica. The new and untouched continent is the definition of ‘picturesque’ with it’s glistening ice and clear pollution free skies.


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