Microsoft announces world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X

One of the most anticipated video game console has finally been unveiled at E3 2017. Microsoft on Sunday announced the newest addition to the Xbox One lineup – the Xbox One X.


Formerly known as Project Scorpio, the new Xbox One X is a significant upgrade over the currently available Xbox One S, promising to deliver 4K resolution at 60 frames per second across all titles.

To attain such a sharp image, Microsoft has equipped the Xbox One X with a custom GPU engine that produces 6 teraflops of graphical output at 1172MHz. In comparison, Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro delivers 4.2 teraflops at 911MHz. Microsoft aims to bring the power of a mid- to high-end PC to the living room in a small, understated package. While the One X has been designed to handle 4K resolutions, on TVs with lower resolutions, the One X will use super sampling to deliver crisper image quality.

The new console will join Microsoft’s existing Xbox One lineup and will be available in November at $499.


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