Understanding Disney: Messages behind the powerful stories

Disney movies often come across as powerful and thought provoking. These films focus on life at an emotional level and give us invaluable lessons, making us contemplate things with a deeper perspective. So here are 11 stories which gives you a glimpse of these powerful Disney messages:

  1. MOANA – A story about the chief’s daughter Moana who is ‘the chosen one’ by the ocean and the gods. The movie aspires you to find your purpose and practice your craft. Don’t look for answers or wait for them – hear the voice inside you, thats where you will find all your answers.i-am-1
  2. The Lion King – Carrying many deep messages in a single story, The Lion King teaches us how to approach our problems in a more optimistic manner. Hakuna Matata!                   images qs_691f3347e15044c3b0b462f717917830_resize
  3. Peter Pan – “All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!” —Peter Pan.                                               original-4597-1427917874-14
  4. Beauty and The Beast – A story about a village girl who stood out from the rest of the village because of her love for reading and learning, and a cursed beast who previously did not value generosity and humbleness. Beauty and The Beast teach us how you will always eventually find where you are meant to be, the importance of being understanding, and most importantly –  “you don’t lose hope, my love, and if you do, you lose everything”.                                           29-beauty-and-the-beast-quotes-3-beauty-and-the-best-disney-quotes
  5. Dumbo – Dumbo teaches us a concept which can be applied in most people’s life – being different is not something to be ashamed about because being unique is what takes you to greater heights. original-31059-1427921839-3
  6. Lilo & Stitch – Teaching us the importance of family, even without a blood relation. ‘Ohana’ means family – and family means that no one gets left behind or forgotten.                                original-grid-image-5574-1427983347-1
  7. Tangled – Tangled reminds us about the importance of dreaming and following your dreams. Also tells us to be careful about who we trust since everything is not as dreamy as a fairytale would ideally be. original-21274-1423927101-14
  8. Winnie The Pooh – ‘Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved’                                                top-25-heart-touching-winnie-the-pooh-quotes-pooh-friendship
  9. Up – Dream, and fulfil your dreams till the time you’re alive.1418370839-up-movie-1-1
  10. Finding Memo – it reminds us to ‘Just keep swimming’ through every hurdle in life. Somewhere it reflects upon the importance of letting our children free and not keeping too many restrictions – as that may result in raising rebels. The other important concept we learn is the concept of trust and friendship- and appreciating those who help you during your tough times. (dory).                              trust
  11. Frozen – Elsa’s character development teaches us to be able to overcome our fears and have control over ourselves and our speciality. Olaf reminds us that true love and care comes from putting our loved ones before ourself. Anna proves to us the real meaning of family by trusting and putting her sister before herself, despite being away from her for many years.                                                           unknown-1


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