Delhi cop leads Kerela robbery gang

Aslup Khan, an ace investigator from Delhi Police’s crime branch is the alleged mastermind of a robbery gang that has robbed banks and ATM’s in Kerela. The officer had suddenly gone missing for six months, when the department found information regarding his whereabouts, it shocked them.

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According to the reports, the accused lived in Mewat and worked with the RK Puram unit of the crime branch. After taking consecutive leaves from work, he suddenly vanished – he was suspended and his salary was withheld. The cops arrested a man from the gang named Suresh, who exposed Khan and the other associates.

They stayed at hotels near the ATM, they observed their surroundings and took utmost care to not be spotted on CCTV camera’s. The car used by the criminals had the same number as an ambulance which was earlier used at Thiruvananthapuram airport.

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Before the gang would leave Kerela, they changed their number plate registration to a Haryana number plate. After investigating the cops found that the same vehicle was spotted near the Kazhakootam ATM just before it was looted. According to police, Khan’s gang had looted ATMs located at Cheriyanadu, Kazhakootam, Ramapuram and Kanjikuz. The cops enquired into the matter through the details of all active mobile numbers to reach the other suspects.


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