It’s embarrassing: Julia on being named ‘Prettiest Woman’ for 5th time

Julia Roberts is 2017’s Most Beautiful Woman of the World, according to People magazine. On The Ellen Show today, she said, “I am very flattered,” she reacted, adding, “I think I’m currently peaking.”

Julia Roberts who has been voted the Most beautiful Woman once more, said at The Ellen Show that it was “genetics and being around nice people’.

This is the fifth time for the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ leading lady who starred in the eponymous movie, Pretty Woman, 27 years ago.

Calling the whole thing “embarrassing”, she also quipped tongue-in-cheek, “I’ve been told it is the last time.”

Later in the show she teamed up with the writer of some of her most popular films including, Notting Hill and Love Actually, Richard Curtis for whose charity she had recently visited Africa. Richard is back in the news now for the sequel of the movie, ‘Love Acrually’ that has been generating a whole lot of public interest for a while.

Roberts was recently in Africa participating in a segment for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day where she visited Kenya and teamed up with adventurer, Bear Grylls to visit a remote village and deliver lifesaving vaccines.

From the clips showing her feeding life-saving vaccines to little children in Africa to crossing a rope bridge above a crocodile-infested river, Julia had done some incredible stunts that even she said she was not sure how.

“I was so excited and encouraged by all the spirit that I saw and all the help that I realized could be done,” she said of the trip.

If there ever was a beauty with bravery award it should certainly be given to Julia who confessed candidly that she did it to impress her husband!

As Ellen said, she is exactly like what people think her to be or hope her to be, “down to earth, fun, funny and everybody wants to be your friend.”

She also played a game on the show with Ellen and Curtis that helped raise $25,000 for the charity.

She also had some words of wisdom for her pal, George Clooney, who is expecting two little ones with his wife, Amal Clooney.

The 49-year-old actress, who has twins of her own, said that she has given her 56-year-old co-star advice about parenthood but did not say what it was.

“It’s gonna be so fun. They are a great couple and I think they don’t need advice from me or anybody else,” the ‘Pretty Woman’ star said.

“Also, you know, nobody’s there with you at 3 o’clock in the morning when you’re just going, ‘What am I doing? Where did they come from and when are they going?'” she said. “And then you sort of, you get through it and you figure it out and everybody does and it’s a trial and error and a whole lot of tears and it’s amazing.”

Roberts and husband Danny Moder are parents to twins Hazel and Finn, 12, and son Henry, who will turn 10 next month.

“I have three incredible kids and to think about when they were teeny-tiny…it goes so fast,” the actress continued.

Roberts, who is more than just a ‘Pretty Woman’, can’t help but gush over how much her mother Betty Lou Bredemus taught her about parenting.

“My mom worked a full-time job and raised three girls pretty much on her own,” the 49-year-old actress said in the magazine’s new cover story. “My brother [actor Eric Roberts] is older, so he was gone and out of the house. She never showed the strain of it.”

The ‘Notting Hill’ star revealed how she turned to her mom for advice as she started her own family in 2002 after getting married to Danny Moder, with whom she shares three kids, 12-year-old twins Hazel, Phinnaeus and 9-year-old Henry.

Ellen DeGeneres had also Tweeted saying,

Julia Roberts continues to maintain her distance from the social media.


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